Meanwhile... Heinz's Ketchup Packet Roller Solved One Of The World's Trickiest Problems

Meanwhile... Condiment giant Heinz is making the world a better place with a handy invention we didn't know we needed.

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  1. Donald Stewart

    Donald Stewart

    6 uur geleden


  2. Chris Stephens

    Chris Stephens

    Dag geleden

    Keaton is a crybaby. Bale is the real Batman. Nobody will ever top Heath as the Joker either!

  3. Cat NotmyLastname

    Cat NotmyLastname

    3 dagen geleden

    Can you imagine a city with wild boars in the US? And all the yee-haws pushing each other out of the way to shoot 'em? Lol.

  4. Devin Doolin

    Devin Doolin

    5 dagen geleden

    I'm almost just here the intro to the Meanwhile bit now.

  5. Thomas Miller

    Thomas Miller

    6 dagen geleden

    Hhheeeyyy....I like papa John's 👁👁

  6. TheKitkat825


    6 dagen geleden


  7. viddork


    6 dagen geleden

    I haven't been to the UK since 2001, but I could swear there was a Popeye's chain there at that time. Maybe it's a different company? Or, perhaps I'm thinking of Wimpy's?

  8. I,m a P.C mimnagh

    I,m a P.C mimnagh

    7 dagen geleden

    You were so excited to return to the studio, so how come your never there

  9. MayaElenaMusic


    7 dagen geleden

    PSA don’t be eating while he reads his intro 😆

  10. loys zimmermann

    loys zimmermann

    7 dagen geleden

    Provençal triple cream brie ? Provençal brie ? For a French, it sounds like authentic Vermont's burrito or typical Alabamian pastrami.

  11. Trinity Gonzalez

    Trinity Gonzalez

    7 dagen geleden

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  12. Oliver


    7 dagen geleden

    One nitpicky remark: real "Brie" comes from the North of France (Département Seine-et-Marne) - soooo "provençal-style brie" is not really a thing...

  13. Michael McPartland

    Michael McPartland

    8 dagen geleden

    That meanwhile open was awesome

  14. Musa Mthimunye

    Musa Mthimunye

    8 dagen geleden

    Mandela grew up in Soweto 😅🙈.

  15. Alan Smithee

    Alan Smithee

    8 dagen geleden

    I haven't had Papa John's since they opposed universal health care, so I was all about that joke

  16. Exceptionally Quiet

    Exceptionally Quiet

    8 dagen geleden

    Loving the deer's eyes

  17. JK Clark

    JK Clark

    8 dagen geleden

    Someone should tell the writers, food in the UK has been great for decades.

  18. WaywardGoddess


    9 dagen geleden

    Best Meanwhile intro so far LOL

  19. Richard B.

    Richard B.

    9 dagen geleden

    John is like I still got the vhs.

  20. SayU SayMee

    SayU SayMee

    9 dagen geleden

    2:11 Ketchup 🤣 3:39 I heard no lies 🍕 👀🥴 2:40 A Legend 🤣 💰🏃‍♂️🎨

  21. Parnel Pospahala

    Parnel Pospahala

    9 dagen geleden

    Is this track on one Jon's albums?



    9 dagen geleden

    Rome: The locals have taken back their streets... Common... That's not BOARing at all!

  23. Inch B. Wigglet

    Inch B. Wigglet

    10 dagen geleden

    I can see how a machine would be better at getting stuff out of condiment packets than my floppy fingers, but who uses that many packets?

  24. piemikey


    10 dagen geleden

    This is my news in a postmodern world

  25. piemikey


    10 dagen geleden

    I love Jon

  26. Volga Wolfhounds

    Volga Wolfhounds

    10 dagen geleden

    Please stop calling these guys artists. It's insulting to actual artists.

  27. Robert Platt

    Robert Platt

    10 dagen geleden

    My Italian friend was unimpressed by NYC rats.

  28. Jabberkong


    11 dagen geleden

    Is it bad that I miss Quarantinewhile

  29. ChiliCheeseD0g


    11 dagen geleden

    Michael Keaton will always be Mr. Mom.

  30. Chris Markham

    Chris Markham

    11 dagen geleden

    Lysteria-laden demon custard. MMMwhahh! delicious!

  31. Dan Keller

    Dan Keller

    11 dagen geleden

    One of the best Meanwhile segments ever

  32. verdi mundi

    verdi mundi

    11 dagen geleden

    10-30 wild boars isn't that bad. Here in the US we have to deal with 30-50 wild hogs.

  33. Shahied


    11 dagen geleden


  34. lucky 🍀lilac💜1111

    lucky 🍀lilac💜1111

    11 dagen geleden

    The definition of looking like a snack. Poor guy 🍥🦐

  35. Zesty


    11 dagen geleden

    2:37 Why didn't T****** try that? _"It's ART. The work is that my 'University' took their money."_

  36. John Banks

    John Banks

    11 dagen geleden

    These listeria-laden custards of news are good for your health!

  37. bodgertime


    12 dagen geleden

    Mr. Mom

  38. RoseMarie M

    RoseMarie M

    12 dagen geleden


  39. Arthur Downey

    Arthur Downey

    12 dagen geleden

    I really want to hear him on wait wait dont tell me

  40. Christopher Heckman

    Christopher Heckman

    12 dagen geleden

    Little-known fact: The museum is hanging the painting "Take the Money and Run" upside down.

    • Rusty Returns

      Rusty Returns

      Dag geleden


    • Gazz


      6 dagen geleden

      That's kinda passive aggressive.

  41. Christopher Heckman

    Christopher Heckman

    12 dagen geleden

    Why not Beetlejuice?

  42. eli jackson

    eli jackson

    12 dagen geleden

    "Well that is stupid"

  43. Julie Hanson

    Julie Hanson

    12 dagen geleden

    Papa johns ........omg........🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. Gregorius Daneli

    Gregorius Daneli

    12 dagen geleden

    If you're vaccinated, the thread of Covid is severely mitigated, if not entirely eliminated in some parts of the world... now the newest, most infectious disease of our generation is minute-long bloviating skits disguised as segues into equally meaningless show segments, Seth Meyers-style.

  45. Hot Rod Andrube

    Hot Rod Andrube

    12 dagen geleden

    Graffic team nailing the deer eyes.

  46. Eileen Robinson

    Eileen Robinson

    12 dagen geleden

    Have you been watching Ron James Stephen?

  47. Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise

    Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise

    12 dagen geleden

    the best thing about meanwhile is the intros there needs to be a video of all of these put together.

  48. Frank Rizzo

    Frank Rizzo

    12 dagen geleden

    I'm going out on a limb assuming that Papa John's is not a sponsor 🤔

  49. Willem Vandeursen

    Willem Vandeursen

    12 dagen geleden

    Squeezing a president's favorite uncle dry?? I thought Donald had done that already.

  50. Aurora C

    Aurora C

    12 dagen geleden

    This show has the BEST writers anywhere!

  51. G Q

    G Q

    12 dagen geleden

    Thank you for the Pumpkin Pass bit on Papa John's!

  52. Julian Robbins

    Julian Robbins

    12 dagen geleden

    Get rid of the advertisements. They're useless.

  53. Akhila Chandran

    Akhila Chandran

    12 dagen geleden

    Can that Heinz thing work on toothpaste?

  54. Arion661


    12 dagen geleden

    Wait, you're telling me that there are 10-30 feral hogs roaming around Rome? So that guy wasn't lying....

  55. Trisha Kauffman

    Trisha Kauffman

    12 dagen geleden

    Pretty sure that *sushi 🍣* is a parasite known as the "Tongue eating louse" and yes. It's as horrible as it sounds. It crawls through the the fish's gills and attaches to the tongue slowly eating it until it takes the place as said tongue. It then feeds on what ever the fish eats and the fish becomes dependant on it since it needs the louse to push down the food since it no longer has a tongue.

  56. J L

    J L

    12 dagen geleden

    Cody from Cody's Showdy [1] is gunna be terrified. [1]

  57. Wendy Wilkins Valdez

    Wendy Wilkins Valdez

    12 dagen geleden

    Don't we already have a tube squeezer? For toothpaste? Can they not be used with ketchup packets, too. Personally, I use my fingers or with the edge of whatever plate I have.

  58. mattmoose


    12 dagen geleden

    How dare you, Sir! Sir Blandington's represents the high-point of English cuisine. It even sticks to walls. That's the way we like our food: stodgy and over cooked.

  59. ObligedUniform


    12 dagen geleden

    Accurate description of Papa Johns

  60. Baron von Quiply

    Baron von Quiply

    12 dagen geleden

    03:13 Cody's Showdy warned us about this YEARS ago.

  61. Peter Symington

    Peter Symington

    12 dagen geleden

    Wow Papa John's is the new Olive Garden. Wasn't ready for that yet.

  62. Nikola Howard

    Nikola Howard

    12 dagen geleden

    As a Brit, remember that our natural favourite dish is curry. We also have KFC and many many copies... We can deal with the spice Stephen... but seriously, "Chicken Shops" are a highly competitive market, so Popeye's probably won't really make a dent here.

  63. Andrew Faraday

    Andrew Faraday

    12 dagen geleden

    Meanwhile, Britain is replete with Indian and Chinese takeaways.

  64. Fred Chopin

    Fred Chopin

    12 dagen geleden

    Need to interview someone with experience: Please Listen to those who TREAT COVID: DR. ZELENKO (treated Trump, Giuliana, President of Brazil, Health Minister of Israel) DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH (most highly cited physician on early treatment of COVID-19) FRANCE'S IHU Méditerranée-Infection SEMINAR: JULY 5, 2021 Dr. Christina Parks Testimony For Michigan House Bill 4471 (HB4471) on 8/19/21

  65. Greg Kral

    Greg Kral

    12 dagen geleden

    but ketchup sucks..........

  66. MR FlackAttack

    MR FlackAttack

    12 dagen geleden

    Seriously? We solved this sauce packet problem in Australia decades ago.

  67. Morgan Muldoon

    Morgan Muldoon

    13 dagen geleden

    "Joke-swollen teets" got my attention.

  68. Christopher Robin Garrish

    Christopher Robin Garrish

    13 dagen geleden

    3:15 I knew the punchline in advance. Truism.

  69. So this is Permanence

    So this is Permanence

    13 dagen geleden

    That whole “Sir Blandington’s” ad needs to be on a t-shirt! That’s some merch I would buy!

    • R R

      R R

      9 dagen geleden

      I guess Colbert's team forgot that the UK as a whole is a Nandos loving-bunch. I guess they've never had a cheeky Nando.

  70. Lyndiwe Mnisi

    Lyndiwe Mnisi

    13 dagen geleden

    The song is amazing John!! 🇿🇦

  71. Kinky


    13 dagen geleden

    When I think Michael Keaton, I don't think "Batman"! I think the evil psychopath downstairs in Pacific Heights!

  72. Cynthia Wilson

    Cynthia Wilson

    13 dagen geleden

    I think of the tenant from hell in a movie he was in..he was the tenant

  73. Paul Routh

    Paul Routh

    13 dagen geleden

    I laughed out loud when they cut away to backstage and Michael Keaton.

  74. Linda Francis

    Linda Francis

    13 dagen geleden

    John Baptise is a jewel 😍 and your Meanwhile was the best

  75. karl spencer

    karl spencer

    13 dagen geleden

    Don't mind him but definitely the worst Batman ever , better in comedy

  76. Processes Of Becoming

    Processes Of Becoming

    13 dagen geleden

    Best intro.

  77. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent

    13 dagen geleden

    Clint looks like his own leather belt!

  78. Kaysler


    13 dagen geleden


  79. Rebecca Gunther

    Rebecca Gunther

    13 dagen geleden

    Would you say there are 30-50 of these wild boars?

  80. FoxyBard


    13 dagen geleden

    Okay but the ketchup packet roller would actually be super nice for people who are disabled or otherwise have limited use of their hands and fingers? Honestly, that sounds frankly awesome for them.

  81. Rennis Tora

    Rennis Tora

    13 dagen geleden

    The fact that a company wasted the time and money to make a product that solves a problem no one has... That, along with other innumerous things, is what's wrong with this planet... The good that money and work could have done.

  82. sevenprovinces


    13 dagen geleden

    Best meanwhile intro/monologue/line of reasoning or whatever the hell so far, in my modestly warped opinion.

  83. Nothing Nowhere

    Nothing Nowhere

    13 dagen geleden

    Why is it that there's always a Suhr guitar displayed right by Jon, yet nowhere near the guitarist? Is this supposed to justify the 5000 dollar price for what is just a Fender copy? Shameless.

  84. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson

    13 dagen geleden

    Americans have a weird preconception about British cuisine - considering that the English national dish is a curry, while the US national dish is some lard with salt on it but no pepper, because pepper would be too spicy

  85. Eben4Reel


    13 dagen geleden

    “Ohh - Van Gogh he di-int!” Which museum put a down payment on the sleep-with-your-wife thing? Excellent image, graphic department! 👍

  86. Bubber Cakes

    Bubber Cakes

    13 dagen geleden

    The art guy should return the money of be arrested.

  87. TheEndPhase


    13 dagen geleden


  88. Katusha Watkins

    Katusha Watkins

    13 dagen geleden

    Amusing metaphor, I confess. Egad!

  89. Chetanna Nwosu

    Chetanna Nwosu

    13 dagen geleden

    Finally the mainstream media is covering the aggressive assault by these wild boars. Too Little To Late.

  90. pugetwitch


    13 dagen geleden

    Not provençal style!😂

  91. Titty Sprinkles

    Titty Sprinkles

    13 dagen geleden

    Art dealers everywhere: "we have a turd in the punch bowl."

  92. Kendal Hanel

    Kendal Hanel

    13 dagen geleden

    Also Deamon Custard.

  93. Kendal Hanel

    Kendal Hanel

    13 dagen geleden

    I did the same thing with Batman on VHS. Was on loop for months.

  94. Charlie Jones

    Charlie Jones

    13 dagen geleden


  95. Charlie Jones

    Charlie Jones

    13 dagen geleden


  96. Charlie Jones

    Charlie Jones

    13 dagen geleden


  97. Charlie Jones

    Charlie Jones

    13 dagen geleden


  98. MonkeyJedi99


    13 dagen geleden

    I found it hilarious that at the end, when most guests smile and wave, Michael Keaton was playing with the backstage equipment. He looks like he has fun with life.

  99. Charlie Jones

    Charlie Jones

    13 dagen geleden


  100. Charlie Jones

    Charlie Jones

    13 dagen geleden